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On-Site Equissage Servicing & Customer Refresher Training

On-Site Equissage Servicing & Customer Refresher Training

Equissage is delighted to announce a new on-site servicing and training initiative headed by Ivor Young to help customers to maximise usage of their Equissage system.

Ivor, who runs their new On-Site Service & Refresher Training program for existing customers in the U.K, previously worked with Equissage Ireland for five years. Now based in England, Ivor is happy to visit your yard to service your Equissage equipment on-site and to ensure that you and your horses are getting the maximum benefit from the system.

Some of the systems main attributes include its durability and easy to deliver effective massage treatment. However with constant use and general wear and tear there may be a host of simple reasons why you may not be getting the most from your Equissage Equipment including:

  • You are unable to find the charger after a show/event/race or chargers are not working
  • The key Equissage person in yard has left and no new person has taken on that role
  • Batteries are not working properly or don’t seem to holding their charge
  • The Girth strap is broken making the system unusable
  • The Pad unit is torn or has loose wires or damaged connectors
  • You turn on the pad or hand units but nothing happens
  • You are not sure if the Back Pad is fitting or working properly
  • On / Off switch is broken or missing making it difficult to operate the equipment
  • Or simply your equipment is in constant use and just needs a general preventative maintenance service and you don’t wish to be without your Equissage for any period of time

Ivor services your system on-site at your own yard and the service package includes the replacement of all power packs, any stitching or tears in pad units, replacement of girth connectors and breastplate repairs if required. In addition he will blow out the motors and run a diagnostic test to ensure equipment is working to its maximum efficiency.

Hand units are also serviced and checked along with battery chargers. All old batteries are taken away. The service does not include replacement of faulty and broken motors but in the majority of cases, we can get your equipment working within the all inclusive service package.

In addition, as part of the service package, we offer a short refresher (available with full system service) to anyone in the yard using the system, in particular treatment of respiratory and leg problems using your Equissage system.

The whole concept of replacing the power packs is (a) to ensure motors are not running on reduced power and (b) maximise efficiency of the equipment, i.e. most cycles per battery without having to recharge.

Guideline to Equissage On-Site Service Cost: For 1 Equissage pad + 1 hand held system with four replacement battery packs, £160.00 + Vat. Where possible the service schedule is grouped to ensure we reach as many customers as possible at the same time, so please give as much advance notice as possible.

The service and refresher training (if required) takes approx two hours, we will have our latest system available for you to borrow during the service period to ensure we do not interfere with your yard or horses routine.

The servicing of equipment at our Denbigh manufacturing facility is also available to customers in the event that our on-site service is not readily available in your area.

Please contact: Ivor Young (Equissage On-Site Service / Support & Training) on (075219) 30883 or 0800 072 1180. Alternatively email direct: